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Once a year go to a place you've never been before


To book a trip is to mark life forever


He who returns from a journey is not the same one who left


The more world I see, the more world I want


To travel is to detach yourself from your world for a time

Choose with us your next destination!

At DOT World Tour we specialize in organizing exclusive trips and events, connecting people,
places, experiences and moments to your life in a unique way…



Try a different way to travel!

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It was a wonderful vacation! Thank you very much for your support and professionalism in scheduling our trip. We didn’t waste any time and everything lived up to our expectations. Thank you so much to Maria for understanding what we wanted. I highly recommend your services.
A lot of success! Kisses to all the team.

Sónia Amado Gonçalves
Rating: 5

A fantastic team that provides excellent support in organizing unforgettable trips.

Abílio C. F. Costa
Rating: 5

Availability, sympathy and professionalism.
Thank you Ricardo and Maria for the trip you organized for me. I recommend it.

Sónia Mateus
Rating: 5

Their attention and commitment to their clients make Dot World Tour a travel agency of choice. Thank you Ricardo (a long time friend) and Luis, for your support in our last adventure through Cuba!

Carla Gaspar
Rating: 5
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