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Privacy Policy


The Personal Data Protection Code establishes how DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd protects the privacy of the personal data of its employees, customers, partners, or any other entity with which DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd relates with your activity context.
The DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd needs to collect, process, and disclose personal data in the course of their duties as travel agent and business activities, including conducting and travel booking management on behalf of its clients. At DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd, there is a commitment to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal data and maintaining a controlled environment (physical, electronic, human, and procedural controls) aligned with operational risks.
In the context of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“RGPD”), DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd Is a “data controller” and any personal information that is provided to you in the context of the relationship with its customers or any other interested parties.
By providing your personal details and signing the respective statement of interested parties consent to the DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd treat your personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Code. If you do not provide your personal data to the DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd or you withdraw consent, it may affect adversely the quality of the contracted services or impossible to supply them.
In situations where local data protection legislation imposes more restrictive personal data processing practices than the practices set out in this Code, DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd will adjust its personal data processing practices to local laws.


Personal customer data collected by DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd are necessary to facilitate travel arrangements, handle reservations or to arrange services and / or products related to travel on behalf of its clients.
Consequently, the following types of customer personal data are normally processed:
  • Contact details (name, home / mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address);
  • Payment Data;
  • Detailed Passport Data;
  • Loyalty Program / Frequent Flyer Data;
  • Data on Food Needs and / or Health Issues (where applicable); and
  • Other Relevant Data for Travel Plans or required by the Travel Service Provider.
When customers contact DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd for other purposes, personal data related to these purposes may also be collected.
Personal data may still be collected for contact with customers in the context of a competition / campaign in which they have enrolled or to respond to questions or comments they have submitted.
It can also be collected necessary data for use in commercial activities of the DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd or related entities, including financial data required for transaction processing, video surveillance images used for security purposes or other personal data that are relevant.
In certain circumstances and with the explicit consent of the customer, DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd may collect personal data that are considered sensitive according to the GDPR, but that are necessary for compliance with the legislation of the destinations of origin or destination.
Such sensitive data may include (without limitation) the racial or ethnic origin, philosophical or religious beliefs or affiliations, preferences or sexual practices, criminal record or supposed existence of offenses, membership of political associations, professional or commercial biometric and genetic information data, financial and health data as well.


The collection of personal data by DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd is carried out in accordance with the legislation in force.
This collection is made in the context of contacts made with customers and usually occur when customers contact the DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd in person, by phone, letter, e-mail, internet website and / or social networks.
Personal data may also be collected when customers buy or ask questions about travel plans or other products and services, enter contests or register for campaigns / promotions, sign up for marketing communications or e-newsletters and / or request brochures or other information.
It may be necessary to collect personal data from customers through third parties, namely when family, group or corporate reservations are made on behalf of another person(s).
In these situations it is requested the authorization of the representative who makes the travel booking to act on behalf of any other traveller on the reservation, as well as the consent of the clients represented for the group, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Code.
Customers must immediately inform the DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd if they are aware that their personal data have been provided by another person without their consent or if they did not obtain such consent before providing your personal data to DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd.
DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd ensures the accuracy and integrity of the personal data it stores and ensures that all personal data is up to date. However, any Interested Party may immediately contact DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd, if there is any change concerning personal data or awareness of inaccurate personal data.
DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd is not responsible for any losses or penalties resulting from inaccurate, wrong, defective, or incomplete personal information provided by the Interested Parties, or their representative.

4. USE

DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd processes personal data when:
  • you have been given consent for such processing;
  • whenever this processing is necessary for the provision of contracted services.
  • such processing is necessary for the fulfilment of legal obligations; and / or
  • this processing is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd. or any third party receiving the personal data in compliance with this Code.
The customer’s personal data may be used directly by DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd for processing the requested service or for internal purposes linked to its activity as a Travel Agent or by travel service providers for whom DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd acts as an agent. These travel service providers may use the customer’s personal data, in compliance with the legislation in force and compliance with the purpose for which they were made available.
DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd may also collect personal data when you want to:
  • make services or tools available to customers and they choose to use them;
  • identify fraud or errors;
  • restore legal or regulatory compliance;
  • develop and improve products and services offered;
  • maintain or improve the relationship with customers, namely, creating and maintaining a customer profile that allows the provision of a service in line with their preferences;
  • conduct market research, assess customer satisfaction, and collect feedback on services provided;
  • facilitate the participation of customers in loyalty programs;
  • perform service-related analysis, including, but not limited to, trends in preferences for sales and travel destinations;
  • support internal organization and accounting;
  • support compliance with legal obligations or applicable customs / immigration requirements related to travel; and
  • other purposes as permitted or required by law.
Where permitted by local data protection legislation, DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd may use personal data to carry out marketing activities related to its products and services (and / or third parties), unless customers have requested not to receive such information. Personal data will be used to send digital marketing material (including e-newsletters, e-mail, SMS, MMS, and IM) if customers have chosen these means. These campaigns may include, but are not limited to, emailing, digital marketing or other electronic notifications. Customers can also sign up to receive e-newsletters and / or other promotional materials of digital marketing.


DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd does not sell, rent, or exchange personal data. Personal data will only be disclosed to third parties in accordance with the provisions of this Code and in accordance with the law.
Personal data may be disclosed to the following types of third parties:
  • contractors, suppliers, and service providers, including ICT solution (Information and communications technology) providers that support DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd in providing products and services;
  • publishers, printers, and marketing materials distributors;
  • event and exhibition organizers;
  • marketing agencies or market consultation;
  • courier or mail services;
  • external consultants such as lawyers, accountants, auditors, or recruitment consultants;
  • travel service providers such as travel suppliers, tour operators, airlines, hotels, car rental companies, transfers of managers and other service providers;
  • any third party who is assigned or transferred any of our rights or obligations;
  • representatives that make travel reservations on your behalf under family trips or groups;
  • employers in the travel context of working corporate clients, business, or government;
  • contact persons when our customers are not reachable, and whenever contact is the client’s interest;
  • as required or authorized by applicable law, and to comply with the legal obligations of DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd.;
  • customs or immigration services to fulfil any legal obligations applicable in the context of travel;
  • government agencies or public authorities to comply with valid and authorized requests, including court orders or any other valid legal process;
  • government agencies or public authorities to comply with valid and authorized requests, including court orders or any other valid legal process; and
  • inspection agencies where there is a suspicion of illegal activity and where personal data are a necessary part of the investigation or when reporting the matter.
In addition to the above, DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd will not disclose personal data without consent, unless disclosure proves necessary to mitigate or prevent a threat to an individual’s life, health or safety protection, for health or public safety, or for a specific action to be carried out by an enforcement body, or when such disclosure is authorized or required by law (including applicable data protection / privacy laws).
On the website or in social networks DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd users can choose to use the available third-party resources. These resources are operated by third parties and are clearly identified as such, these third parties may also use or share personal data in accordance with their own privacy policies.


DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd may disclose personal data to certain recipients abroad, when such international transfers are necessary for the execution of a contract between Customers and third parties, safeguarding the correct compliance with local data protection legislation.
It is possible that personal data are transferred to a foreign entity located in a jurisdiction where it is not possible to guarantee a data protection level equal to that in the context of RGPD to support the travel booking or allow for administrative, advisory or including the storage and processing of such data. In such cases, DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd cannot be responsible for the way these recipients handle, store, and process Personal data.
DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd will promptly clarify its customers about specific doubts that occur about the treatment of personal data by foreign entities.


The DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd guarantees the protection of personal data that may be provided and undertakes to implement and maintain technical control measures, organizational and human control appropriate to ensure a level of security in line with the risks related to:
  • accidental or illegal destruction;
  • loss, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure;
  • improper access to personal data transmitted, stored, or processed.
DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd destroys or mischaracterize all personal data that are no longer relevant to the business or as required by law.


Any Interested Party that DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd has personal data and wants to:
  • update, modify, delete, or obtain a copy of personal data; or
  • restrict or impede the DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd to use any personal information, including removing any consent previously given for processing such information; or
  • obtain a copy of personal information that has been processed based on your consent or as required tor perform a contract which you are a party;
you must make a formal request to DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd through the contacts identified in this Code. DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd will undertake the necessary steps to respond to such requests within a maximum of one month, although for more complex requests may be necessary to extend this response period.
In addition, the DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd reserves the right to deny access to information for any reason provided for in the legislation. If access or correction of information is denied, the reason for such refusal will always be communicated in writing, unless it is irrational to do so or when it violates the legislation in force.
If restricted or unauthorized use of personal data by the customer, the ability to provide services or their quality may be adversely affected, or their provision may not be possible.
Personal data shared with DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd must be accurate and customers agree to update them whenever necessary. Additionally, they agree that, in the absence of any update, DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd may assume that the data sent is correct.
Any client can still at any time request the DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd to stop sending marketing communications.
The DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd reserves the right to charge a reasonable administrative fee following any manifestly unfounded or excessive requests for access to personal data or for any additional copies of the personal data.


DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd websites may contain links to third party websites over which DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd has no control.
DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd is not responsible for the privacy practices or contents of associated websites. DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd recommends reading the privacy policies of any associated websites that are visited, as their privacy practices and policies may differ from those of DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd.
When a user accesses the websites, uses any mobile application, or opens digital correspondence from DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd, the servers can record data related to the device or network to which the user is connected, including the IP address.
The IP addresses may be used by DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd to administer the systems, investigate security problems and compile anonymous data on the use of the website and / or mobile applications. IP addresses may also be associated with other personal data available about users for the purposes described above.
DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd websites and mobile applications can also use social media resources and tools. These resources are provided, hosted, and operated by external companies or directly on our website or mobile application.
Social tools can collect data related to the visited page on the website / mobile application, IP address, and may set cookies to improve the functioning of social tools.
In case the user has activated social network accounts, they may be able to share data about the visit and use of our website or mobile application with those same social network accounts or registered by third parties. External companies can also share with the DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd personal data in accordance with its policies, such as your name, profile picture, friends lists or any other information that individuals have chosen to provide to these same companies. In these cases, DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd may share this data with a third party for the purpose of promoting targeted marketing through these social media platforms. In this situation, users have the option of managing data sharing and being able to disable targeted marketing in the privacy settings of their social networks.
All interactions with social tools are administered by the privacy policy of the external company that provides them. More information about the data protection practices of these companies should be consulted directly in the privacy policy of those same companies.
DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd may also use analysis services from external suppliers to its websites and mobile applications, such as those listed in the “Cookies Policy”. The providers of these services can use technologies like cookies to help analyse visitors who use the websites and applications.


Any questions, comments or complaints about this Code or the processing of personal data and personal data changes or corrections should be directed to DOT Travel and Tourism, Ltd using the contact details below:
Responsible: Ricardo Ferreira Pereira
Address: Rua Francisco José Vitorino, 12 | 2795-084 Linda-a-Velha


This code can be changed and updated whenever this appears appropriate, the revised version being properly published in the DOT website Travel and Tourism Ltd When it exists. If necessary and in addition to updating the Code, customers may be asked for new consent to include other types of treatment.
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